What We Stand For



The Shamrocks Travel Softball Club strives to give young ladies the opportunity to hone their talent and excel in fast pitch softball on a year-round basis by participating in showcase and competitive events in order to become collegiate-level athletes.


Protect this House!

Shamrocks team members are committed to both athletic and academic excellence.  Members must exemplify great sportsmanship and have a desire to refine and build upon their skills.  Efforts are geared toward developing the "whole person," while preparing the athlete for collegiate-level competition.  Players must maintain academic discipline while participating in rigorous training and competing in tournaments throughout Northern Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Florida, and South Carolina.


Level Up or Level Out!

Athletes must maintain physical fitness, integrity, and fullfill responsibilities at home, at school and on the field.  Support and respect for parents, teachers, coaches, and each individual team member are non-negotiable requirements for membership.